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Ridin' on a Bummer (2020 Mix)

by Rascal Reporters

Elements 03:32
The Hills 02:40
Where'd you go when the rain stopped pouring? To a place you never let me see The sun is out, no more thunder roaring Time again to say goodbye to me Oh, the hills will be there tomorrow Should the sky be like it is today And I know that she'll leave me sorrow When she goes down to the hills to stay
RIO 16:24
They say our time is nearly over The world will never start brand new Days and hours mark the ending Of life for me and you Perhaps it's not my place to argue But what they say is just not true In your eyes reflect the power To change a grey sky to blue
Barrensphere 06:23
Automatically we're put to cheese And left to face the draught Enharmonically we sing this little ditty While we rot What a way to spend our time Amongst the rubble and the stones Somebody has gone and written out this song for Singing Bones Do you have the time to listen in And tell us what is wrong? Why do we persist in earnest wasting music with this song?
Psychlops 13:12
All over town, horns resound, buildings fall, an architect on a sullen eve... Half moon’s blazing star, time abhors the city’s hearth hands of the hourglass Rolling on the floor behind my bedpost a myriad eye of constancy. It’s Here, it’s There, it’s...Everywhere The ravages of time, it’s aware and in the dusk, moving on Ever since the change from Fall to Winter, chill’s invested on my spine Looking old and...out of time Into the wind of night I’ve gone to a city never been, standing on an icy ground, like a cryonic bear Start the day...walk inside a casino faceless women and men squirm in cash play, smells permeate all inside this room In the corner by an exit is a mirror which reflects the beast’s incumbent eye Horns resound, buildings fall architect on a sullen eve Half moon’s blaze, feeling tired as the drum begin to beat in this town, I can feel it the impudence of atrophy. Good evening to you Mr. Atrophye, the eye personifying psychloptic decay. This is the well to do inn or was anyway. Screams and cries reverberate off walls which crumble and crash killing the affluent few in residence. Bodies lay limp and lifeless on the floor which separates releasing them into the depths of earth. I don't plummet but rise floating in space, mass energy and emotion. Icing on the cake for you who won't be bought. Hey trophy, you're just an eye in the sky, see all hear nothing. Well what the heck did you wanna do a thing like this for? I need sobriety, convalescence and must awake. Something jolts me out of bed and I feel great. What have I learned? Once the martyr, headline story in a diary Rags to riches, good investments is what swallowed me Greed corrupted, money wrought Now I realize humanity and love are the jewels never bought Like a caterpillar trapped and bound to an old cocoon Shifting wasn't easy, couldn't make the room to move Now's the day and sleeping's done There is much to do; contentment with the past is a way Of living fast.
Dream, dream your way That's all I want from life today Thought I'd have much more to say I'm a stream, come see me flow I'm a field the wind may blow Get up, get out of bed And pour yourself a cup of tea for me My world is spinnin' 'round and 'round I hope today that I will see a little sunshine It's gonna rain, it's gonna rain Look up into the sky Just see those grey clouds spittin' rain at me My world is spinnin' 'round and 'round I thought I saw a tiny teardrop on your face It's gonna change, it's gonna change Run home, the day is done Sidestep that streetcar splashin' mud at me My head is spinnin' 'round and 'round I wish that I could see some laughter in your eyes When will you see? Just you and me? Turn, turn away I saw your photograph turn grey Like a kite that's flown astray In a world where no one dies Wish I knew the reason why Long, long away There'll be a time for me someday Another time, another play Form a line, this way inside Find a seat, sit down, and cry Get up, get out of bed And pour yourself a cup of tea for me My world is spinnin' 'round' and 'round I hope today that I will see a little sunshine It's gonna rain, it's gonna rain Look up, into the sky Just see those grey clouds spittin' rain at me My world is spinnin' 'round and 'round I thought I saw a tiny teardrop on your face It's gonna change, it's gonna change


Hebbardesque Records is proud to present a fully re-mixed 2020 edition of Ridin' On A Bummer - the genre-defying music of Steve Gore and Steve Kretzmer, with special guests Fred Frith (Henry Cow), Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow), and Dave Newhouse (The Muffins). This new version of the album has been re-mixed from the original tapes by James Strain.


Steve Gore and Steve Kretzmer released 450 vinyl copies of RIDIN' ON A BUMMER, the Oak Park, Michigan duo's third full-length work. Good luck finding one today.

That product of countless hours of composition and laborious home studio sessions quickly sold out, almost exclusively through mail-order; there was no second pressing.

Detroit was safe again, until now.

This seminal 1984 Rascal Reporters release is seeing its SECOND remix & remastering job of the past 20 years, but the first time it's being done digitally.

As a result of the surgical techniques employed, this mix of the album presents as less harsh sonically and much more balanced, allowing the more roughly-recorded side B of the record to shine in a way it has never done before - particularly tracks like 'Barrensphere' and 'Without Passion Or Peace' are a revelation, and are almost like hearing the songs again for the first time!

Also included here for the first time on the album tracklist is the full-length version of 'Psychlops'. As bonus tracks are the classic 'Paper Love' and a dressed up piano version of 'Psychlops'.


Acid Dragon Magazine (France) #42, Summer 2006, Phil Jackson:

"...no-one could prepare you for the epic 16 minute flight of imagination
aptly entitled 'RIO'..., an intense creation...that recalls Dave Stewart's
work with Egg."

"I would have sworn that Kretzmer's 'Without Passion or Peace' and
'Bones Chorale' were early Zappa compositions."


from Outsight Radio with Tom Schulte:

"Rascal Reporters - Seeking new music and interviewing musicians is a constant journey of discovery for me. Along the way there is the rare and special joy of discovering a previously unknown gem in my own back yard, as it were. I was previously oblivious to the groundbreaking zaniness of The Rascal Reporters, operating since the '70s local to me. In this interview I discuss with Steve Gore about the group; would-be jesters of the RIO movement. This talk includes how working with Fred Frith, Tim Hodgkinson, and other came about. Of course we also discuss the release to CD of Ridin' On A Bummer: Twentieth Anniversary Edition of 'daring Avant-Prog in the tradition of Frank Zappa, Henry Cow, & The Residents.'"


released March 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Rascal Reporters Detroit, Michigan

Formed in the mid-1970s by high school chums Steve Gore & Steve Kretzmer, the Rascal Reporters made music together for over 30 years. From their basement studio in suburban Detroit, this duo delighted in confusing audiences & smudging the lines between genres over the course of one 7" single and seven studio albums. ... more

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